The UX of Therapy

*Warning: Stigmas may occur without permission within the subconscious*

About a week ago, I was having a sucky day, compounded by several other sucky things, and the whole suckiness blew up into one giant "life sucks" moment. I have been to therapy in the past, I think it is a wonderful learning experience that more people could be open to, but there was a convenience fee:

11 am appointment:
10:20: "okay, time to get ready, good thing the building is close."
10:35: "ugh, I have nothing to talk about"
10:40: "I reallllly don't want to go."
10:50: "shit, I'm late"
*runs out the door and barely make it on time*

In order to solve my problems, I had to go to a therapist's office and sit on their couch at a predetermined day and time for 45 minutes. Again, don't get me wrong, I LOVED IT, but it was annoying. However, my biggest pain point:

Therapist: "So how are you? What has been going on."
Me: "Hmm, I'm good, everything is good. Umm, let me think.."

I wouldn't get into many fights before 11 am on Thursdays and I continuously had a hard time recalling my previous week and exactly what those heated arguments or tough days were really like. I forgot my feelings. So some things took a while to get solved, or important points slipped my mind.


So, what happened during my sucky day? I didn't feel that returning to therapy was necessary, but I remembered a friend who worked at TalkSpace, a text-based online therapy. 

My mind was completely blown; they hit every pain point I could see with users:
*Complete anonymity
*Giving people a sense of safety & security
*Able to report "in-the-moment" feelings

@@UX is teaching people about their right to convenience, simplicity, and being pampered@@ by services. As we move towards this concept, I think it is cool how more traditional ideas and processes are molding themselves into these new ideals. It is of the upmost importance that companies see this change and start taking action.

Obviously I signed up for a month because, uh, user research and like the coolest concept ever, so I will definitely be following-up.