The UX of Reading

I love reading. I read everyday. I go through mountains of books and thousands of articles.

My number one Christmas present is a Kindle gift card.

I'm obsessed with blogs that post links to killer articles.

Here's a slightly relevant photo

Here's a slightly relevant photo

So why do people insist on writing in large blocks of text? They are all like, here is this important information in which I have a ton of knowledge in and want to share with you. Here it is for you to pick through, distill, and then try to choose what points really matter to you. I'm not going to make it easy though because, why do that? I'm going to put it all into one paragraph, or into several blocks of paragraphs. I love mimicking textbooks. Sure, I might include a tweet link (or change the font) and that kinda breaks up the text or highlights something important, but that's about it. Words words words. All very important words! I hope you read all of this important information because it is pertinent for you to understand the entirety of the article or the title. Catchy title, many paragraphs. 

If you read through that. I applaud you.

I can't understand when the text wall took over, and why it is such a hard trend to shake.

You know what else kills me? The faux-lists:

Ten amazing (and important) things to do everyday

The abstract world of kindness through sunsets & beaches

The abstract world of kindness through sunsets & beaches

1. Be kind to yourself
Here is a description of how to be kind to yourself and why it matters not only for you but also in your relationships with others. But wait, we can't just leave it to one or two sentences. Lets go on about the utter importance of being kind to yourself and the detriments and consequences you will face if you are not. Even though the title of our article points out that each of these are important, we should explore the importance even further and elaborate on the concept until us and our readers are exhausted. And that's only 1/10 amazing and important things to do every day!

Yes, as readers we can skip through the sludge of text and just choose what is important to us (aka the bold, bulleted or numbered).

@@Wouldn't it be nice if articles shared knowledge and were written in a user-friendly format?@@

If I go to an article and face walls of text, even if there are some bullets or bold, I will more likely than not scroll, sigh, and move on to the next one.

Oh, and, relevant images are nice too.

Does anyone else agree, disagree? What are your web pet peeves?

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