The UX of Animal Shelters

Animals have always been number one in my book, so when I was trying to figure out what my next move would be, a brilliant (and seemingly obvious) thought occurred to me: why not incorporate animals?

Since then, I have started to create an app that helps users with the "rehoming" process of their animals, connecting them with potential, interested adopters in their area. But, more importantly, @@I see a gap in technology: one we could use to make animal's lives better.@@

It's not only about humans.

This made me think about the UX of animal shelters - they are amazing places run by wonderful volunteers and the kindest people I know, but I think there is something we can iterate on when it comes to animal shelters. There are a lot of the same old adoption apps, with sad, fuzzy photos and a depressing wall of text that some people are scared to read through. There is also the process of going to the shelter, which for some can be an enlightening experience that makes them feel warm and fuzzy, but for others it can be a deterrent. 

It seems like we are only targeting one of our users:
*Can read depressing text and get motivated to adopt
*Doesn't mind fuzzy photos
*Is okay with the experience of visiting a shelter

But there are still pain points not being addressed by those who:
*Are motivated to adopt/visit via photos
*Skip through text (and miss important information)
*Cannot get to a shelter
*Don't enjoy the experience of being at a shelter

A way to solve some of the pain points was born with apps, but the majority (if not all) of those apps incorporate the same less than ideal photos with similar walls of text, hitting the other important pain points.

So what is there to do?

I believe there is a way to improve the ux of animal shelters & adoption by looking more closely at what really motivates people to adopt and highlighting those changes through environment and apps. All we need is a little user research and some improved UX to change lives.

And that is what I hope to accomplish one day with my app (when I am running an animal technology company & rule the world)