User Experience Design (UX/UXD) has become more and more important in the world of design and products. Companies are starting to invest time and money into this important aspect and users are starting to call people out for "bad ux." 

I love UX for many reasons - I believe that there isn't enough UX out there, that more processes and products should be user-centric and strive for simplicity and happiness. And it's happening, the UX revolution is full steam ahead and it is a very exciting prospect.

And then the other day I was thinking...

why don't we take the design out of User experience design and apply it to real life?

Maybe people have already covered this concept and I'm just now poking my head out from under a rock, but I don't mean applying to getting a coffee at Starbucks (although their new order and pick up thing is a cool concept - haven't tested it yet though) or the horrendous feelings that come with waiting in line at the DMV.

No, I mean life. Like real life, away from technology.

Can something that was developed because of technology stand alone without it? Hopefully. Or these posts will be short-lived.

So here is to trying UX out in real life because, I mean, aren't we all users of life?