Qualitative Consulting

User Experience Research Consultant

I am a user experience researcher, specializing in qualitative methodologies (I also incorporate quantitative data analysis). I have 5 years in the UX field and 2 years working with/researching patients at a mental health facility during my MA program.

I truly care about what people say and understanding the implications behind people's thoughts and actions. I have a super power for listening to users, and stakeholders, finding the overlap, and making actionable UX recommendations (my students and I call this 'nuggetizing' research). I go into each research session with an open mind, empathetic heart and always approach research from the problem-space. I have a compassion-centric approach where I don't focus solely on the user, but also incorporate everyone's needs and alleviate everyone's pain points, to the best of my ability through understanding, creativity and innovation.

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Qualitative Toolkit

  • Generative in-depth interviews

  • Usability Testing

  • Contextual Inquiry

  • Card Sorting

  • Concept testing

  • Journey Mapping

  • Collaging

  • Mental Models

  • Projective Exercises

  • Participatory Design

  • UX Audits/Heuristic Evaluation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Survey Creation

Workshop Toolkit

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Brainstorming/Ideation Sessions

  • Journey Map Workshops

  • Persona Generation Workshops

  • Affinity Diagrams

  • Synthesis Sessions/Insight Generation

  • Stakeholder Presentations

  • Teaching

  • Mentoring

Strategy Toolkit

  • Stakeholder engagement/alignment

  • Aligning Business and Research Objective

  • Research Reports

  • Building UX Research from Ground-Up

  • Creating a User-Centric Environment

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Project Proposals

  • Roadmap Prioritization

  • Cross-departmental Collaboration

My mission is to help uncover problems, in an mindful way, to improve the products we, as humans, need and are quite obsessed with. I strive to create innovative ways to apply user research, inspire clients to see the creativity held within this field and to make life easier for all.