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Mortality Salience Study

A Research Study On Mortality Salience & Anti-Obesity PSAs


Mortality Salience & Anti-Obesity PSAs


Obesity in America has gained much attention as related conditions increase per year. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention stated that in 2013, obesity had become a leading cause of preventable death in the US, comparable to cigarette smoking.

More than 35% of America's adults are obese, while 17% of America's children from ages 2-19 also struggle with obesity. Previous research touches on the effects of mortality salience and various bad habits, such as smoking, however no studies have looked at obesity

The goal of this study is to examine anti-obesity ads in order to understand if they are unconsciously raising participant's mortality salience.

For this study, it is hypothesized that viewing anti-obesity PSAs will heighten participant's levels of mortality salience.


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