Courses & Coaching


Courses & Career Coaching

I offer online group courses for a Comprehensive User Research Course, 1x1 career courses as well as group or individual workshops on specific topics, such as user research portfolio building. As there are not many (affordable) courses available for people going or switching into user research, I strive to offer the most comprehensive information for as little as possible.


Comprehensive User research course

The purpose of this 8-week course is to give you the tools to understand what user research is, what value it brings to a product/company and how to conduct/share user research across a company. This course will be full of discussion and sharing, as well as some lecturing on the different areas we cover. This course is accessible online from anywhere in the world.

1. What is user research and how does it fit into a company?
2. How to conduct and share user research
3. Implementing a research strategy
4. Creating research portfolios and case studies

*I am currently running an 8-week course (Feb-April 2019), please join the waitlist below


1x1 career coaching

I offer personalized, 1x1 career coaching either in-person (Berlin, Germany) or remotely to help you:

  • Brush up on user research skills

  • Start your career as a user researcher

  • Switch careers to user research

During our sessions, depending on your level of expertise in the field, we will cover similar topics as in the Comprehensive User Research Course, but at a rate catered to what you need. We will cover all user research methods, how to conduct research, sharing research, creating a research portfolio and more!

Pricing: 55€ per hour single sessions; 235€ five-session bundle
*includes a free 30-minute consultation session


individual or group workshops

Do you have a particular skill or area you would like to cover? I hold individual or group workshops in order to help you advance your career in user research, or brush up on user research skills. Whether you need help on your user research portfolio, want to learn about different methodologies or are interested in learning how to conduct basic research, I am happy to offer these workshops to individuals or groups!

Pricing: 45€ per workshop